Worship Style

COVID-19 Service Requirements

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We are open for live worship on Sundays.  However, in order to help keep from spreading disease, we will be doing things differently.  We will have two services, one at 9:00AM and one at 10:15 AM, and will be disinfecting the pews between services.    State regulations say that we can only be at 25% capacity, which means only 26 people at each service.    If the demand is there, we may try to add a third service (but we also need to respect the time and stamina of our musicians and preacher). 

If you have a fever, or otherwise feel ill, we ask that you stay home.  And for your own safety we ask that if you are immune compromised, you not risk exposing yourself by joining us.  The reason for all of our precautions, is not just because of government regulation, but out of a concern to protect one another from exposure to what is still a deadly virus with no proven cure.

We do ask that you wear a cloth face-mask.  Blue tape on the pews will indicate seating that is 6 feet distant from one another, and we ask that you observe this distance (the exception being families who live in the same household can be closer). 

Unfortunately there will be no congregational singing, though Holly will be offering some solos.  We will not be passing an offering plate, but there will be a donation box at the back of the sanctuary.  We ask that if your offering is in cash you bring it in an envelope with your name on it to receive credit toward your pledge (or you can pick up a more official envelope at the church office. 

A nursery will be provided, as well as a children’s Sunday school time during worship.  We do ask that you take your children directly to the education building, rather than starting in the sanctuary as we usually do.