May 14 2015

Pastor Jeff Symonds

Nik Wallenda is an acrobat, high-wire artist and daredevil. He comes by his vocation naturally: he’s a seventh-generation member of the “Flying Wallendas” circus family. The holder of nine Guinness World Records, Nik is renowned for his high-wire performances without a safety net. His most famous feats are walking across Niagara Falls and the Grand Canyon on tightropes.

Nik is a committed Christian, and he sees his high-wire artistry as an outgrowth of his faith. Before every stunt, he joins his family in prayer. He always wears a cross as he performs. A family friend, Michael Mascitto said, “When he started doing some of these bigger stunts, he realized that he was developing a platform, or rather that God was giving him a platform, to use his abilities for God’s glory. He truly believes it’s because God has given him this platform for a reason –to glorify Him…Him with a capital H.” Nik trains hard and keeps himself in peak physical condition. In a newspaper interview, Nik denied that his stunts test God. "To test God would be never to train, never practice, and then to walk across the Grand Canyon; or to jump off of a building. Or throw myself in front of a truck."

Nik’s story reminded me of the Steven Curtis Chapman song I hear often on the Christian stations that says, “Whatever you do, it don’t matter….just do everything you do for the glory of the One who made you…” You and I might not ever do anything quite as spectacular as Nik Wallenda, but we, too, can do all the things we do for God’s glory and receive His blessings in doing it!

May you enjoy God’s grace and peace as you and God journey through summer together!

Pastor Jeff Symonds

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