Aug 01 2014

Pastor Jeff Symonds

“Albert Einstein discovered the ‘Theory of Relativity,’ which states that time and space are relative, which explains why time goes slower, and space gets smaller, when you are with your relatives,” says humorist Dave Barry. Summer sure has gone by fast for me, even if I haven’t been with any of the family so far this Summer. I did feel a lot of family connections with distant relatives as Eloise and I debated over which things to take to be evaluated for the ‘Antiques Roadshow,’ which was held in Albuquerque. My old family teaspoons dated back to the 1830’s and were made right in Trenton, New Jersey where my family lived. However, they were not unusual or valuable enough to be filmed for the show. Neither were Eloise’s grandmother’s collection of antique purses, although they did say the silver dance card holder was unusual, and dated back to the 1850’s. We didn’t make it big with any of our treasures, and we didn’t get filmed to be on TV, but it was fun.

All that did get me thinking about family and who we are in terms of our relationship with God. We are, like my family treasures, precious in the sight of God, even if others don’t always appreciate us. God loves us with an everlasting love and values each one of us as if we were His only child. We know that love through Jesus, who is God’s only begotten Son. The love and acceptance into God’s family comes through our baptism and relationship we have with Jesus. Of all the earthly treasures we may have accumulated and all the relationships with family and friends alike, by far the most precious thing we can have is that relationship with the Lord. He redeems us from the bondage of sin and selfishness and restores us to a right relationship with our heavenly Father. Jesus paid the price with His life on the cross for you and me to be with Him in the Kingdom of Heaven, starting right here and now in this life, and for life everlasting as well. That is my treasure and yours, too! Whether you are blessed with family and valuable earthly treasures, or completely without either one, you have the treasure beyond any price in your relationship with God in Jesus Christ! Enjoy and give thanks for that relationship now and for evermore!

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Jeff

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Aug. 24 “God in Quiet Mode” Exodus 1:8-2:10

Aug. 31 “Good to Know” Matthew 16:21-28

Sept. 7 “Gyroscopic Grace (or How to Get Right-Side Up When Your World is Upside Down)” Matthew 18:15-20

Sept. 14 “Don’t Vex the Vegans!” Romans 14:1-12

Sept. 21 “G-Rations” Exodus 16:2-15

Sept. 28 “The Upside of Giving Up” Matthew 21:23-32  

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