Apr 20 2017

Pastor Jeff Symonds

Ever have one of those times when you wish God was so good at giving you warnings about what might be coming next? When Eloise fell and broke her femur last September, even though I tried my best to be encouraging to her and talked about what we would do when she came home, God warned me that she wasn’t going to be able to come home, except to come home to be with Him in Heaven. The Lord used our District Superintendent beginning back in January to prepare me for the fact that, “ready or not,” I need to be ready to really retire the middle of June this year. The DS explained to me that our New Mexico Conference has never faced this before, but this year it looks like we have more preachers needing appointments than there were openings in churches. That meant that some of us ‘retired supply’ pastors were going to have to really retire.

Sure enough, the call I hoped wouldn’t come came near the end of April. My last Sunday as your pastor will be June 18. The SPRC will be announcing who the new pastor for Aztec UMC will be on the next few Sundays. I don’t know as of yet who that will be. The question across the top of the book we are using for our Thursday evening Men’s group that Doug Thomas is leading has been taunting me: “Are you willing to trust God with everything?” I’ve been preaching to my sister and brother-in-law (he’s also a United Methodist pastor who knew he had to move this year) that they needed to trust God, and that things will all work out better than they could plan. The question is, “ Can you do what you’ve told everybody else to do, Jeff?” 

So, I’ve decided that this is going to require me to trust God. I trusted Him in the timing to call Eloise Home. I’ve learned in past moves as a pastor that God always knows best, even when I haven’t got a clue why He would want me to move ‘there’. This time, we’d bought the house, so I don’t have to pack up and move (except the books in my office). I will trust God that whatever it is that He has in store for me will be good. I don’t know what all that will be yet, but I know that it will be good! I will continue to reside at 200 Mesa Drive here in Aztec, but now will be able to go see family or even take the trip to England I’ve wanted without feeling guilty. It’s all good.

Grace and Peace,

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