Apr 12 2016

Pastor Jeff Symonds

Ever notice that when something catches your brain, then there is likely to be something else soon thereafter that either reinforces it, or contradicts it? We were talking about our human need to remember God in both good times and bad in our Tuesday morning Men’s Bible Study. Our study is in Deuteronomy, where the author (Moses) keeps telling us some important things over and over again. The name “Deuteronomy” means ‘a second or re-telling’. “Be careful that you do not forget to praise God for the good land He is giving you….lest you forget that God brought you out of slavery in Egypt and led you through the desert wilderness, gave you water from the rock to drink and manna to eat.” (Deuteronomy 8:11 ) Moses was picking up on our all-too human habit of thinking that we have done all these things for ourselves; we’ve EARNED all these good things that we enjoy by ourselves. It is relatively easy to forget that God has anything at all to do with blessings in our day and time. But that is the danger that Moses was warning us about!

Living when we do and where we do, another danger is playing ‘woe is me.’ These are hard times and the oil and gas economy has hit our area pretty hard. The politicians don’t seem to know or care about what is really going on in our corner of the world. The fact that we have lost another thousand jobs in our area during the last year, on top of those we lost in the four or five years before last has made the greater Farmington area “The fastest Shrinking area “ in the country. We have lost people, and many folks still here have lost a lot of their income. But my study of the scripture tells me that we need to be grateful and thankful to God for our blessings instead of giving in to worry or fear. God told the ancient Israelites over and over again to look around them and be thankful to God for what God has given. Moses likewise warned them not to complain or try to worship other gods in order to get rich. God is the One who provides all that we need- even in these leaner times.

Practice saying “Thank you, God!” Avoid the temptation to worry or trying to manipulate things. When you need help, ask God. He will show you how things will work out. Praise Him for all the blessings: even the ones you hadn’t noticed. When you do, you’ll not only be happier, but will find that” peace that passes the world’s understanding.”

Grace and Peace,

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