Apr 08 2015

Pastor Jeff Symonds

The science lesson in the elementary school classroom that day was about magnets. Beginning with what she thought was a very simple question, the teacher asked: “My name starts with an ’M’, I have six letters, and I am always picking something up. What am I?” A hand started waving madly in the front row. The teacher gave a nod and the answer came bursting out: “I know –you’re a mother!”

The month of May is mostly known for Mother’s Day on the second Sunday of May each year, and of course we will be celebrating it at Aztec UMC. The will be flowers given out this year to all women at both Worship Services, whether you actually gave birth to children or just helped raise some along the way.

May 24 is the day when John Wesley had his heart-warming experience in Aldersgate Street while listening to Luther’s preface to the book of Romans. This year, it is also Pentecost Sunday, so wear any red clothing you may have to celebrate that first Birthday of the Church.

May 31 is the day when we will begin our summer worship schedule with only one Worship service instead of our normal two Worship Services. We’ll have Sunday School at 8:45 and Worship at 10:00 all summer. We’ll evaluate after Labor Day whether to go back to two services, or remain with just the one service. I know that change isn’t easy for most of us, but I hope that you’ll be attuned to what the Holy Spirit is saying to us at Aztec United Methodist Church, not just at Pentecost, and not just during the heart-warming month of May, but all of the time.

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Jeff Symonds

Aztec United Methodist Church

Worship Schedule


8:30am   Contemporary Service
9:45am   Sunday School
11:00am Traditional Service

Starting on May 31

8:45am   Sunday School
10:00am Single Combined Service

Community Assistance

Community assistance is available between 8:30am and 1:00pm from Monday through Thursday.

Upcoming Sermons

April 19 “Listening for the Bible’s Message” Acts 3:12-19

April 26 “Christ Life: Not the Same Old Formula” 1 John 3:16-24

May 3 “The Ethiopian Innovation” Acts 8:26-40

May 10 (Mother’s Day) “Buying Peace” 1 John 5:1-6

May 17 “The Holy Autocorrect” Ephesians 1:15-23

May 24 (Pentecost) “Spirit Code” Romans 8:22-27

May 31 (Trinity Sunday-begin one Service) “The Palindromic God” Isaiah 6:1-8

Child Care Available

Child care is available between 8:00am and Noon so that you are more easily able to attend either service and Sunday school.

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