Oct 16 2016

Pastor Jeff Symonds

Sunday, November 20 is a very important day in our church life. Put a circle around it on your calendar: We will be celebrating our Consecration Sunday during the 10 AM Worship and then head downstairs for our traditional Church Thanksgiving dinner! Church leadership are providing turkey, ham and dressing. Please bring your favorite side dish, salad or dessert (maybe something that it just wouldn’t be Thanksgiving for you without!) This is also a good opportunity to try out that new recipe you came across before doing it for your family on Thursday.

We will be asking everyone to fill out a reservation card during the next few weeks so that we will have enough tables and chairs set up and enough food (Whoever heard of Aztec UMC running out of food?) This whole experience of giving thanks to God for His many blessings to us is a spiritual exercise in reminding ourselves that it is all about God, not food, football or black Friday sales. 

During the Worship Service, you will be asked to fill out an ESTIMATE of GIVING card for 2017 based on what you know of your circumstances. This is NOT a binding pledge. No one will come after you if you lose your job or have your income reduced for whatever reason. In this season of gratitude, think of what percentage of your income you want to try and give God all during the year to come. The Bible lifts up a tithe- 10% as a goal for us, although there are some people who may want to give a larger percentage. For those of us who haven’t been budgeting for this, now is the time to begin thinking about it. Maybe you are currently giving what amounts to a smaller percent and you can move toward a tithe by increasing your estimated gift to God by one percent more for next year. Keep doing that until you feel good about your gifts. Are they beginning to be where you want them to be in expressing your thankfulness to God for all He has done for you? 

The church leadership will not be seeing the individual Estimate cards, only the totals. From these, they will adjust the church’s spending plan (or budget) so that we can live within our means, just like each of our households has to do at home. We will be sending out those ‘Estimate of Giving’ cards to those who cannot be in church on November 20, but no one will call, other than to check for reservations for the dinner. Do plan to be here with us and begin Thanksgiving with your church family the Sunday before you share with the rest of your family.

Grace and peace,

Aztec United Methodist Church

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October 23 “God’s Eternal Imperative” Psalm 65

November 6 “We have an Acrostic God” Psalm 145

November 13 “The ‘Last Year’ Test” 2 Timothy 4:6-18

November 20 (Consecration Sunday) “Thanksgiving Is Not for Spiritual Turkeys” 2 Corinthians 9:6-15

November 27 (First Sun. Advent) “Alarm Clock Christianity” Romans 13:11-14

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