Oct 13 2014

Pastor Jeff Symonds

Praise is something we could all use a lot more of, isn’t it? It feels good to be praised. It also feels good to bring a word of praise to someone else and see their face light up that “we noticed.” Business management experts have picked up on this. A best-selling business book, The One-Minute Manager recommends “one minute praisings,” by which bosses shower their employees with compliments. We all know that children need regular praise if they are to flourish. Too many children from troubled families are starved for praise; as adults, they carry their family’s dysfunctional patterns into new, fractured relationships.

Praise is the universal lubricant for the machine of human society. A few moments spent telling friends, neighbors, or family members what they’ve done right is time well spent. What we do in the church sanctuary is something similar. Yet, there is a key difference between this setting and every other. Here, we’re praising God.

On the face of it, that seems to be pointless. Of all the personalities in the universe, God is the one who doesn’t need our praise or our money. What could the “immortal, invisible, God only wise” possibly want with our humble songs, stumbling prayers and modest financial gifts? We don’t praise God because God needs it. We praise God because there’s something in us that is incomplete, unsatisfied, and unfulfilled until we express our thanksgiving to Him. That expression of thanks is not limited to one day a year, although we have set aside one just for that purpose. We praise God with our tithes and offerings and we praise Him with our presence in His sanctuary on the first day of every week. When we give God our praise, presence and financial offerings, we are the ones who come away feeling blessed. God blesses us as we bless Him.

See you in Church Sunday!

Pastor Jeff Symonds

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Nov. 2 "Showing Mercy" Luke 10:25-37

Nov. 9 “The Power of the Hidden Influencer” Matthew 25:1-13

Nov. 16 “Silicon Faith” 1 Thessalonians 5:1-11

Nov. 23 “The Great Gates of Praise” Psalm 100

Nov. 30 “Christians Behaving Badly” Isaiah 64:1-9


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