May 8, 2022


Passage: Acts 9:36-43, John 10: 22-30
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When Jesus is asked directly if He is the messiah, he responds that his actions and deeds will show who He is.  He seems to be referring to the miracles which testify to the power of God at work in Him and through Him.  Peter is called to see the body of Tabitha, whose works demonstrated her faith.  He prays and she is restored to life.  Again this is a miracle affirming the presence of God in the early church.  Do we still believe in miracles?  Why don’t we see more miracles?  Maybe we aren’t looking, or we aren’t listening to the leadership of the Spirit.

God is working all around us, which we will see if we are open to it.


God, the Lord of heaven and dearth, You are at work around us.  Yet like the Jewish leaders we want more.  We want to see a miracle, to prove our faith, or to prove Your presence with us.  But all too often when you answer a prayer we think it must be a coincidence.  We don’t really expect to see You in action.  We don’t look for you in the midst of our daily lives.  Forgive us, and help us to see and acknowledge Your presence in the big and small miracles You do every day.