September 24, 2023

Undeserved Rewards

Passage: Exodus 16:2-15, Matthew 20:1-16
Service Type:

The people of Israel needed sustenance in the wilderness.  But instead of asking, they grumbled and complained.  They accused Moses (and by association God) of trying to starve them.  God provided for them anyway.  Jesus tells the story of a landowner who needs workers.  He hires some early in the day, and others in the late afternoon, and then pays them all the same amount.  When those who labored longest complain, he tells them they agreed to work for a certain amount (a fair wage) but he was being generous to the others.

God is a God of plenty who gives us all what is needed to be His servants.


Gracious God, we are a people of complaints.  We measure our lives by what we lack.  We don’t have as much as someone else, so complain.  We can’t afford the latest technology, so we complain in our hearts that You aren’t fair to us.  We don’t see and thank-you for all that You give to us, so we are ungrateful.  Forgive us, and let us see the bounty of Your provision.