October 29, 2023

Ultimate Responsibility

Passage: Philippians 3:4-14, Matthew 22:34-46
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Jesus says as all Jewish people would that the greatest commandment is to love God.  This was written on the door posts of their houses, and each time they entered, they were reminded to love God.  But Jesus pairs this with the command to love neighbor as self.  Then He concludes that these two sum up all the rest of scripture.  He then asks people how the Messiah could be both lesser than and more than David.  Paul talks about how all of life is worthless compared to knowing Jesus.  The first responsibility we have is to grow in our Christian walk.

Service to God through loving our neighbors is our most important duty.


Lord of love, You created us to love You above all others.  But then You called us to love others as we love ourselves.  We often let these loves grow out of balance in our lives.  We put self-love as our first priority.  We look after ourselves first.  We allow a rigid obedience to rules above showing love and care for our neighbors.  We often don’t think about You when making decisions.  Forgive us, reshape our priorities so that we're again in balance in showing love.