June 26, 2022

Through the Down Times

Passage: Psalm 77:1-2, 11-20, Luke 9:51-62
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Luke tells us that Jesus faced rejection.   A Samaritan village refused to allow Him to enter.  People he called to follow Him, found many reasons not to follow.  For every Matthew, James, and John who followed immediately, many others found excuses.  The psalmist is feeling down as well.  Those who oppose him, seem to be ascendant.  Yet the Psalmist also expresses the answer to such feelings:  Focus on God. We should think about how God has helped us in the past, and remember all God’s mighty deeds.

God is there even in our lowest times if we will but look and listen.


God, the immortal and invisible, we sometimes forget Your promises to be with us always.  We don’t see You answering our prayers in our time.  We see all of the evil in the world, and we sometimes doubt that You will act.  Forgive us, and remind us of Your glory, that we may rebuild our trust in You.