May 30, 2021

Three Yet One

Passage: Romans 8:12-17, John 3:1-17
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The word "trinity" is not found in the bible, yet the understanding of one God who acts in different ways is often found in the bible.  As Jesus converses with Nicodemus, He speaks of God’s Spirit (wind) moving where it will to  bring about new birth of Children of God through the power of the Son of God.  In the passage from Romans the Spirit helps us understand our adoption by the Father to make us heirs with Christ.  We don’t understand how it is possible that one God is three persons, but we do know it assures us that God can meet whatever needs we have by acting as one of the Three.


Holy Lord, You are infinite beyond our understanding, yet we try to reduce You to fit our finite human understanding.  As we are reminded when we consider the trinity, You don’t fit our limited understanding.  Yet You also draw us in to get to know You better.  However, we sometimes give up and say You are incomprehensible, instead of listening to You as You reveal Yourself to us.  Help us always be ready to grow in our understanding of who You really are.