November 13, 2022

The World is Coming to an End

Passage: Isaiah 65:17-25, Luke 21:5-19
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Isaiah creates a picture of the new world God is creating.  It will be free from calamity, people will live longer lives, predators will no longer eat prey, and all will be well.  Jesus speaks of the coming destruction of the temple, and in an answer to the question of when that will happen, speaks of his coming, warning people not to be fooled by those who claim to be Him.  He then speaks of persecutions to come, warning the disciples to endure, seeing them as a chance to witness to those in power.

Through tribulation and pain, we will come to a new paradise.


Lord Jesus, You warned us that difficult times will come to Your followers.  You encourage us to remain faithful, but not to worry over what is to come.  Too often we find ourselves taking on that worry.  We let ourselves be caught up in fear of the future.  We see personal difficulties and societal issues, and instead of turning them over to You, we bear the worry and fear.  Forgive us, and enable us to trust You for a new and brighter future.