May 10, 2020

The Way, The Truth and the Life

Passage: Acts 7:55-60, John 14:1-14
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Stephen kept his focus on speaking the truth about Jesus, and on the verge of his stoning was given a vision of Christ in Heaven.  Knowing what was coming, Stephen remained strong.  On the night before his crucifixion Jesus too saw what was coming, and comforted his disciples with the promise that He was going ahead of them to prepare a place.  He then reminded them that if they focused on Him and His teachings, they would understand what God wanted them to know.  They would also be able to see wondrous things when they asked “In His name”.


God of wonders, we sometimes forget that Jesus showed us the ways of Your love.  We become concerned about mundane concerns and the petty complaints of everyday life.  We forget to focus on the fact that You are preparing a place for us, and awaiting our reunion with You after death.  Unlike Stephen we seem unable to focus on You with the distractions of life.  Forgive us, and enable us to keep our eyes on You.

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