July 18, 2021

The Provision of God

Passage: 1 Samuel 7:1-17, Mark 6:30-44
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When the disciples noted that there was a hungry crowd, they suggest Jesus send them away so they could buy food.  Jesus response is “You give them something to eat.  The disciples don’t have that much food,  Jesus asks them to gather what they have and tells them to pass it out.  There is enough.  David says he has been blessed, and wants to do something for God by building a temple.  God tells him, “No, let me continue to provide for you.”  Do we trust God to provide for us what is needed.


Lord Jesus,   like Your original disciples we don’t have a vision for what You can do through us.  We see scarcity, instead of Your abundance.  We see impossibility instead of the possibilities You open up to us.  We see through the selfishness of our own hearts instead of through the generosity of Your heart.  Forgive us, and teach us to trust You in every situation.