June 21, 2020

The Price of Discipleship

Passage: Genesis 21:8-21, Matthew 10:24-39
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Jesus warns his followers, that they are taking a risk by following Him.  They may lose their reputation.  After all the authorities accused Jesus of being in league with the devil, con his followers expect any less?  They may lose relationships with family members, but He says that he should be more important than their parents or their children.  They may lose their lives on a cross as He would.  Yet in the midst of all God will be with them, supporting and strengthening them.  Hagar and Ishmael are an example.


Lord of Grace, too often we are more than willing to follow You when it costs us little.  When the price comes to our reputation, or to our families, we are less willing to pay.  We constantly seek ways around Your will if it will have significant cost.  We forget Your promise that our value in Your eyes is greater than our value to our loved ones.  We forget that You can heal broken relationships.  We forget that even death is no barrier to Your love which remains with us forever.  Forgive our lapses, and deepen our love for You.