January 15, 2023

The Lamb of God

Passage: Isaiah 49:1-7, John 1:29-42
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John announces to his followers that Jesus is the Messiah.  But even more, that He will deliver people from their sins.  Isaiah announces that the messiah will come as a servant of God, but more that He will be a light to the gentiles as well.  This would not have been considered possible by most Jewish people.  Jesus, as the messiah would break all the stereotypes.  He was a servant not a strong man.  He considered delivery from sin more important than a military victory.

Jesus always surprises in accomplishing God’s tasks.


Lord Jesus, we always seem to underestimate You.  We don’t think You can deliver us from the sins that have enslaved us.  We don’t think You can be strong as well as humble.  We don’t trust that You can love us in spite of all we have done.  Forgive us and help us always to trust You.