July 30, 2023

The Kingdom of Love

Passage: Romans 8:26-39, Matthew 13:31-52
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Jesus tells six parables about the Kingdom of Heaven.  He compares it to a seed which produces much fruit, to yeast in bread dough, to a treasure hidden in a field, to a priceless pearl,  to a net catching fish, and to a scribe with old and new “treasures”.  Through all of these parables runs the idea that we should seek the Kingdom of heaven,  Paul tells us that for those who are part of Christ’s body, God is working to help us be ready for the Kingdom, and that nothing can separate us from God’s love in Christ.

God works in us to prepare us to be part of the Kingdom, and God’s love prevails.


God of love and grace, we sometimes forget that Your love continues to work in us always.  We forget that when we said “Yes” to Your offer of Grace, You became part of our lives.  We think we have to do live a sinless life on our own, while Your Spirit is constantly interceding for us.  We forget that in the midst of any trial, You are at work to bring something God.  We forget that Your love is always with us, and brings us triumph in life.  Forgive us for placing ourselves first, and let us place You at our center.