September 26, 2021

Stumbling Blocks and Overcoming Them

Passage: James 5:12-20, Mark 9:38-50
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The apostles complain to Jesus about a man casting out demons in Jesus name without first following Jesus. Jesus tells them that if he is doing good in the name of Jesus don’t worry about it. Then he tells them to worry about not causing someone else to sin. He warns them to look at the things within themselves that might cause them to sin. James warns against swearing because it is boastful. He then goes on to say that whatever problems we have we should pray ourselves and pray for one another.

Rather than worrying about appearances, we should stay in contact with God about all of our problems.


God of Grace and Power, we confess that we often try to rely on our own strength and wisdom, not on Your grace. Like little children, we want to do it ourselves, even when we don’t know how. We look to blame others, rather than ourselves when things go wrong. We forget that Your Spirit is working in us to root out our sinful nature, and we think we have already arrived. Forgive us. Teach us always to rely on You.