July 3, 2022

Reaching Beyond Our Walls

Passage: 2 Kings 5:1-14, Luke 10:1-20
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Naaman is a commander in a foreign army who hears that the God of Israel is able to heal.  He finds healing when he humbles himself and turns to the worship of God.  The 70 apostles are sent out to the towns and villages of Israel and Judah.  They call all people to surrender to God through Jesus.  People respond in ways they didn’t expect.

When God’s people reach out as God tells them to, God works through them to change the world.


Lord of all creation, You have called us to yourself and given us a ministry of reconciliation in the world.  Yet too often we let our own fears and prejudices limit our outreach.  We don’t want to go to people who aren’t like us.  We don’t want to tell of forgiveness to those we think unforgivable.  We don’t want to share Your love with those we feel are unlovable.  Forgive us, and open our eyes too see the people you have placed in our path, those to whom you want us too witness.  Amen