October 23, 2022

Prayers of the Heart

Passage: Psalm 65, Luke 18:9-14
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The psalmist looks to God who answers prayer.  Then lists some of the things God gives:  forgiveness, hope, salvation, sunrises and sunsets, rains, crops, and harvests.  He takes time to praise God who gives us all things.  Jesus observes two prayers, the first is self-aggrandizing, while the other is a simple plea from the heart.  Jesus tells his disciples that the latter is a prayer that God hears and responds to.

Whether it is in praise or petition, God wants to hear the concerns of our hearts.


God our Creator and redeemer, we don’t always take the time to praise You as we should.  We don’t thank You for how You have been part of our lives.  We sometimes let our prayers center on ourselves instead of on You.  We talk more about our needs and wants than about Your provision.  Forgive us, and teach us to turn our prayer times back into a conversation with You, than  with ourselves.