August 28, 2023

Pastor’s Ponderings – September

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As many of you may have heard by now, The Aztec Unite Methodist Church has voted to disaffiliate from the United Methodist Church. So the question now becomes what are the next steps. Before the disaffiliation is complete there are some things the Church must do. These include choosing a new name, and reincorporating under this name; setting up by-laws on how the congregation will be governed; establishing a new tax id number, and insurance policies; and deciding on how a new pastor will be hired. Some records need to be gathered and sent to the NM Conference. A group of hardworking individuals has begun working on many of these items. Once these are all accomplished, a vote will be taken at a called Annual Conference session to formally approve the Church leaving the Conference. (The date is still not announced, but it will probably be in November or early December.) Once that is done the Aztec congregation will no longer be United Methodist.

Eventually a decision will need to be made about whether the Church will remain independent, or join another denomination, perhaps the Global Methodist Church, or another denomination in the Methodist Family.

But there are some other areas that I need to highlight. We have had several leaders express interest in stepping down from their areas, and wanting to train those who will replace them. For example, Shannon Lynch has been managing our website and Facebook page. Because of his distance, he feels it would be better to have someone on site doing these things. Brooks Marshall has been managing our computers, phone systems, and security cameras. Someone else needs to learn how these systems works, and possibly take over their upkeep. Jessica Montoya was videoing our services, and posting them online. Someone new needs to take up this responsibility.

We also have some perennial requests. More volunteers are needed to work with Wednesday Kids (not just the snacks, but directly working with the kids as well). We need more people trained to operate the media on Sunday mornings. We need more people to help with general upkeep of the church, and learn how the boiler system works, and what upkeep is needed. Someone in addition to Doug should also know how our sprinkler systems operate.

You may also have heard that Holly has turned in her resignation, and we have been looking for a full time accompanist for several years. SPRC is working on filling these positions, but we may need volunteers to take over some of what Holly has been doing (like recruiting ushers, or setting up the media for Sundays). We are also looking to fill the position of financial secretary. Joni asked us to find someone at the beginning of the summer, so she would have more time to spend with her family. But she has kept going with the duties for several months now while we have been unsuccessful in finding someone to take the position. If you have a suggestion contact Pam Grubb.

The New Testament makes clear that God provided gifts that complement one another within the body of Christ. I am convinced that God has provided this congregation with people having all the gifts necessary to keep going. So if you feel called to volunteer in any of these areas, or some other area I haven’t mentioned, please make your availability known.