November 22, 2020

Our Shepherd and Judge

Passage: Ezekiel 34:11-22, Matthew 25:31-46
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In the Ezekiel reading, God promises to be a faithful shepherd.  Unlike our human rulers, God will continue to provide and care for us.  But God will also hold us to account.  In the passage from Matthew, Jesus tells us that when He returns, He will act as judge, holding us to account for our treatment of others.  The standard for judgment is not just how we react to God, but how we have compassion for those who are in need.


God of grace and glory, we have all received of Your grace.  We have sinned and fallen short of being Your servants, and You have given us forgiveness through, our Lord Jesus.  But You also ask us to continue to grow in obedience to You.  We have often fallen short in our compassion and care for our brothers and sisters.  Renew in us the gift of love, so that we may look out for the least of those around us.