July 16, 2023

Long Term Goals

Passage: Genesis 25:19-34, Matthew 13:1-23
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Jesus tells parables to people which some will not understand.  This first parable is about people’s response to Jesus’ teaching about the Kingdom of God.  As he explains it many will hear and not respond for various reasons.  But for someone who does respond, it will produce fruit, and the Kingdom will grow.  The reading from Genesis tells of a source of conflict between Jacob and Esau.  Jacob is thinking about the future, while Esau is concerned for the immediate situation.  Esau gives up his right to inherit the larger share of property for a single meal.  Similarly some hear of God’s Kingdom, and are more concerned about the present situation.

We should always keep the Kingdom of God in mind when dealing with everyday issues.


God, our eternal savior, we often look at the world through secular eyes.  We don’t see our situations in light of Your love and grace.  We grow discouraged, because we see evil seeming to triumph over righteousness.  We hear of more and more people rejecting You and Your laws.  We don’t remember to look through Your eyes, to see a world that is good, because its creator made it good.  We forget that You have never given up on anyone, and that Your  Spirit is at work.  Forgive us, and help us to focus on You every day.