May 17, 2020

Living in Obedience

Passage: 1 Peter 3:13-22, John 14:15-21
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Jesus the night of his betrayal told the disciples that God would send them the Spirit to remind them of His commandments.  The chief of these commandments were to love God and love the people
God has created.  He reminded the disciples that though we all sin and fall short, The Holy Spirit will call us back when we stray from his commandments, and will strengthen us to keep them more faithfully.  Peter too talks about living in obedience, as an example to others of Christ’s call.


Spirit of the Living God, You come to us to remind us of all Christ has told us.  You come to strengthen our wills in alignment with Yours.  Yet our wills are weak.  We often rebel against Your leading.  We don’t trust You to give us a gentle and humble witness to our Lord.  We try to often to follow our will, rather than God’s.  Forgive us, and call us back once more to Your way in our everyday lives.