September 13, 2020

Living and Dying for the Lord

Passage: Romans 14:1-12, Matthew 18:21-35
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Jesus tells a parable about a servant who receives forgiveness of a large debt he owes, but then refuses to forgive a small debt owed to him.  The master who forgave the large debt then insists on punishment for the one who refused to forgive.  Jesus ends with the warning that God will treat us all the same way if we refuse to forgive one another.  Paul too reminds his readers that not all people put their beliefs into practice in the same way.  He warns us not to stand in judgment of others, lest we become subject to God’s judgment.


God of grace and forgiveness, we come before You recognizing the hardness in our own hearts.   We are much more willing to accept Your forgiveness than to forgive one another.  What we gloss over in ourselves, we tend to magnify in those around us.  We are quick to attribute impure motives to others, while assuming our own hearts are pure.  Forgive us, and teach us to live more fully in Your Love.