December 25, 2022

Light of the Word

Passage: Psalm 98, John 1:1-14
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John tells us that the Word God spoke in creation became flesh in Jesus.  He is the source of all life and light.  He brings new life to souls dead in sin.  The light of Christ cannot be overcome by darkness.  The psalmist calls for new songs of praise for the salvation that comes from God.  This is the heart of our faith, that the Word who was God came among us to renew our relationship with our creator.

We celebrate God among us for salvation


Living God, we have let many things come between us.  We let our pride keep us from obeying Your commands.  We let our greed keep us from helping others.  We let our self-importance keep us from serving those in need.  We don’t always listen to Your call to repent and turn back to You.  Yet you did not give up on us, and came Yourself to give us new life. We thank you and praise you for Your love.