June 27, 2021

Lifted from Dispair

Passage: Psalm 130, Mark 5:21-43
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In the gospel lesson two people come to Jesus for healing.  The first is a man seeking healing for his daughter who is dying.  The man has faith that Jesus can help.  The second is a woman who has been dealing with an illness for many years, an illness that has made her ritually unclean.  She touches Jesus robe, and her faith brings her healing.  But in the process she has made Jesus ritually unclean as well, though with her healing that is now a moot point.  But the time Jesus takes with her leaves the father in despair, for his daughter has died.  Jesus does bring healing, even when the friends and neighbors assure the man she is dead.  As the psalmist notes God lifts all of us from despair.


God, our strength and our hope,  too often we let the weight of the world overwhelm us.  We hear the voices saying we should despair because the world is too dark.  We let ourselves be tempted to lose our trust in You.  We forget that You are the God who called forth light from the darkness.  We forget that through Your love even death is not final.  We forget that Your love is always with us.  Forgive our doubts and enable us to live in hope, because that hope is in You.