September 17, 2023

Judgment and Forgiveness

Passage: Romans 14:1-12, Matthew 18:21-35
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Paul tells us not to judge other Christians on the basis of ritual practice.  His rationale is that they are God’s servants, let God do the judging.  In Matthew Jesus who in the previous verses had talked about handling “one who sins against you”, now addresses the topic of forgiving such a person rather than going through the process He had recommended.  When Peter feels he is being generous by offering to forgive someone seven times (Jewish custom required only 3) Jesus tells him he should forgive 77 times (or 490 times depending on the translation).

Forgiveness is Jesus preferred way to deal with sin.


God of all grace, we often fall short of Your standards.  We don’t love our neighbors like we should, especially the ones we find disagreeable.  We don’t forgive as often as we should, instead holding on to the perceived offenses and slights from others.  We take Your love and forgiveness for granted, instead of following Your example.  We do ask once more that You forgive us.