July 31, 2022

Human Foolishness

Passage: Hosea 11:1-11, Luke 12:13-31
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The Hosea passage is God singing a song of unrequited love for God’s people that would rival any country western hit for pathos.  God loves Israel, who has rejected Him once more.  God wants to offer healing and hope and love, but meets stubborn resistance.  In Luke we read of a man who is much more interested in planning for a physical future than planning for a spiritual eternity with the Creator.  Jesus then warns of concentrating more on the physical which leads to worry, than on the Spiritual that leads to peace.

God loves us, and calls on us to live in that love rather than on the concerns of the world.


God, our Creator, You have declared Your love for us.  We have responded with our love and gratitude for all Your gifts.  Yet our hearts are inconstant.  We waver in our faith.  We waver in our commitments to You.  We don’t respond well when You ask us to do something.  We don’t focus on bearing fruit for You.  Forgive us, and renew our love for You.