September 10, 2023

How To Show Love

Passage: Romans 13:8-14, Matthew 18:15-20
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Jesus talks of making peace with a brother who “sins against you”.  He suggests trying to resolve the issue one on one, then says if that doesn’t work, take two witnesses to help you mediate the situation, and finally taking it to “the Church”.  If that doesn’t work, you can treat that other Christian as someone you don’t have to deal with.  Paul reiterates Jesus’ first commandment to love others as you love yourself.  Then elaborates by saying don’t do anything to harm someone else.

We are called to love and keep peace with our brothers and sisters.


Lord God, we have not always loved You, because we have not always loved our neighbors.  We have not always pursued making peace with those who have wronged us.  We have not always taken the opportunities to share Your love.  We have not maintained relationships with those who don’t share our opinions.  Forgive us and help us to build up one another in love.