December 18, 2022

God’s Preparations

Passage: Isaiah 7:1-10, Matthew 1:18-25
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Isaiah brought God’s word to King Ahaz that by the time a young woman could conceive and bear a child the kings attacking him would no longer be a threat.  Several centuries later a Greek translation of Isaiah substituted the word virgin for young woman, changing this passage to a prophecy that a virgin would conceive and bear a child: a prophecy God would fulfill through Mary.  When Joseph found that the woman he had contracted to marry was pregnant he decided to cancel the wedding privately.  God sent an angel to convince him to change his mind.  God was working behind the scenes to bring about the divine plan

God continues to work in ways we don’t understand.


Lord, our God, You are at work in the world in ways we don’t understand, and therefore we doubt Your love.  You bring good out of the worst of situations, but we only see the worst.  We trust only our own judgment, and blame You when we think You have failed us.  Forgive us, and help us to trust Your love and Your grace.