January 8, 2023

God Revealed in Christ

Passage: Psalm 29, Matthew 3:13-17
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In the gospel, John recognizes in Jesus the Messiah, and wants to pay homage.  But Jesus says it is fitting for him to join the crowds in being baptized.  He has all of the qualities of God and power proclaimed in the Psalm, but also humility.  Jesus who was fully God, was also fully human in a mystery we can’t fully explain.  At the baptism the voice of God proclaims that Jesus is His son with whom God is pleased.

Jesus came to show God’s love


Lord God, Jesus, who had more to boast about than any other person, was humble, and didn’t claim what was by right His.  We tend to want more than we deserve, and to boast when we have little reason to do so.  We like to think we are better than others.  Forgive us and teach us  again the humility of a servant.