June 19, 2022

God at Work

Passage: 1 Kings 19:1-15, Luke 8:26-39
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In 1 Kings, Elijah is feeling let down by God.  God had used him to perform a miracle that showed God had power and idols didn’t.  Yet he was forced to flee from the Queen’s anger.  He had done as God asked, and is now in hiding.  It didn’t seem fair.  When God speaks to the prophet it is not in power, but in a “still small voice”.  When Jesus heals the man possessed by a legion of demons it is a show of power that is revealed in a man speaking calmly and a herd of swine rushing into the sea.  We never know how God will act

God works as much in small quiet ways as in might miracles, though they are often connected.


Lord God, we want to see You act in power to show us Your love.  So we are not ready to hear the voice of Your Spirit speaking within us.  We often don’t respond because we are expecting something bigger.  We feel let down because you have not behaved exactly like we expected.  We want you to show more than we want to let You change us.  We want to see our perceived enemies brought down.  Forgive us, and help us to accept that You will act in Your own way and in Your own time.