April 18, 2021

Fulfillment of Scripture

Passage: Acts 3:11-21, Luke 24:36-48
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Jesus appears to the disciples and explains to them again why he had to die and be raised again, then tells them they will become his witnesses.  In the wake of a healing miracle in Acts, Peter addresses the crowd and tells them that the messiah had come, and they had rejected them.  He then goes on to say that through their rejection of Christ, God worked out the plan for the salvation He had announced by the prophets.  He then invites them to repent, turning to God, now in the person of Jesus that they may receive salvation.


 O wondrous God, how many times have we let barriers arise between us by our thoughts, our words, and our actions.  We constantly find ways to wall ourselves off from You and from our brothers and sisters.   You continually offer us the chance to restore our relationships by accepting once more the gift of forgiveness and grace You offer through Jesus, our Lord.  Help us always to seek You so that we may be restored.