May 3, 2020

Following our Shepherd

Passage: Psalm 27, 1 Peter 2:19-25, John 10:1-10
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Jesus showed the love of God when he died on the cross in our place.  It is by this willingness to sacrifice himself for us, that He became the good shepherd.  He was willing to die to protect us from the natural consequences of our sin.  He is also the door to the sheepfold, the way in to eternal life.  But he also calls on us to show similar love for others, as many of our fellow citizens are doing for us today, by keeping things running to keep us safe.  Can we do any less?


Jesus, our Shepherd, you speak to us and we have recognized Your voice.  Yet too often we let the noise of the world drown out Your voice.  We lose our focus on You, and we listen to the voices of fear, and selfishness.  We listen to the voices of hatred and dissension.  We forget to focus on Your voice.  Forgive us, and help us to listen and follow You in all things.

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