April 26, 2020

Flowering Hope

Passage: Acts 2: 36-41, Luke 24:13-35
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Two disciples traveling to Emmaus knew that Jesus was dead and in the tomb.  Yet when they met a stranger who was explaining scripture as Jesus had done, their hearts  knew something was up, and when He broke the bread, their sight was restored, and they knew hope again, even when he vanished from their sight once more.  The Disciples on Pentecost  preached to crowds, and saw a huge number of people come to faith.  God is at work among us just as he was then.


Holy God, we easily lose sight of You, when we look away to other things.  Our faith wavers when we keep our eyes on the world instead of You.  Yet Your work goes on, and we miss the chance to be part of it because our eyes are blind.  Forgive us, and give us new visions of Your hope.

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