August 13, 2023

Faith in Action

Passage: Romans 10:5-16, Matthew 14:22-33
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After feeding the 5000 Jesus sends the disciples back by boat, and then he walks on the surface of the wind tossed Sea.  When Peter asks Jesus to allow him to walk on water he does until he takes his eyes off Jesus and focuses on the waves.  He stresses that with faith the impossible becomes real.  Paul talks about salvation through faith, both expressed verbally and living in the heart.

It is faith in Christ which enables our salvation, and also our obedience.


God, our creator, we know that You are Lord over all You have made.  Yet we sometimes become overwhelmed when we see the world around us.  Evil seems to be running rampant.  So we begin to doubt.  Like Peter we take our eyes off of You and see only the world, and our faith falters.  Forgive us once more.  Restore our trust in You.  Amen