April 17, 2022


Passage: Acts 10:34-43, Luke 24:1-35
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The women, then Peter found the empty tomb, but it still hadn’t really hit them that Jesus was alive again.  The two on the road to Emmaus experienced the presence of Christ, but didn’t realize it.  Their experience of Jesus’ death was still to present in their minds.  Later Peter is able to give a coherent account to Cornelius’ household, recognizing the amazing event that was the source of Christian faith.  With Easter, we remember the wonder of God’s work bringing us to repentance and salvation.

Christ is alive forever, and so are we.


God of Glory, we seem to always fall back into sin, or at least to discover new sins before You.  Today we remember that Your resurrection proclaims that our sins have died with You on the cross, yet we still cling to them, and forget to live in the freedom You have given us.  We still want to do something to earn our forgiveness,, when You have declared it to be a gift.  Forgive us anew, and let us live into our forgiveness.