April 24, 2022

Doubting Thomas

Passage: Psalm 150, John 20:19-31
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Jesus resurrection was too wonderful for Thomas to accept until he met the risen Christ in the flesh.  God is constantly giving us wonderful gifts, that defy our imagination and acceptance.  There is no adequate response except that of Thomas:  an acknowledgement that Jesus is our Lord and our God.  The psalmist too had it right:  our best response is to praise the God who is Lord, and Savior, friend and judge, fully human and fully God.


Lord of power and might, too often we are blind to Your work around us.  We become so used to our worldly point of view, that we don’t see Your miracles around us.  We become so prosaic, that we forget to sing our praise.  We let cares weigh us down so we are not able to soar like eagles.  Forgive us, and enable us to see all things in the light of Your glory.