August 27, 2023

Declaring the Messiah

Passage: Psalm 124, Matthew 26:13-20
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Jesus asks His disciples, who have been with Him for some time, who they think He is.  Peter responds that He is the Messiah, people have been waiting for.  Jesus says that this will be the basis of the church.  The psalmist recognizes that without God, the people of Israel would not have survived their enemies, then thanks God for the divine presence.

Looking at the world shows that God is with us, and this is all that keeps us going.


God, almighty and victorious, You are the source of our salvation.  Yet too often we don’t recognize this.  We think we have achieved success on our own.  We forget that only when we rely on You are we successful.  Forgive us, and teach us once more to recognize that You are our Savior.