November 20, 2022

Christ is the King

Passage: Jeremiah 23:1-6, Luke 23:33-43
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Jeremiah speaks of the human shepherds of Israel who have failed to protect God’s people, and have even led them astray.  But he says that God will take their place as a righteous shepherd, and all the sheep will be cared for.  Jesus while on the cross is recognized by one of the thieves crucified with Him.  He recognizes Jesus as the King God was to send, and asks for recognition in this new Kingdom.  Jesus assures him that that very day they would be together in paradise.

Sometimes leaders mislead their followers, sometimes followers stray, but God’s love is constant.


Lord Jesus, we don’t always recognize what it means to accept You as our Lord and King.  We still want to place ourselves first.  We don’t always listen for Your call to service.  We don’t always acknowledge You as having the central place in our lives.  We quench the fire of the Spirit You have sent us.  Forgive us, and continue to prepare us to be obedient Subjects of Your rule.