May 23, 2021

Another Advocate (Pentecost)

Passage: Acts 2:1-21, John 15:26-27, 16:4-15
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When Jesus said He would send another advocate the word he used implies one identical to himself.  The Holy Spirit is Jesus some again to be with us.  Though the word technically means a lawyer, or perhaps a witness for the defense, it also means someone who brings comfort and support.  This is how  the Spirit sometimes comes.  But Jesus also says this will be The Spirit of truth, who will remind us of Jesus’ words, and help us understand the scriptures.  At one point before his ascension Jesu refers to the Spirit as “power from heaven”.  As shown on Pentecost the Spirit empowered the witness of the disciples, and continues to empower us.  The Spirit is God continuing with us, as Christ was Emmanuel.


Spirit of the Living God, You were breathed into us by God, to give us life, and by Jesus to be His presence in our lives.  We sometimes forget that You live within us, and we turn away.  When You speak, we don’t always listen.  When You offer us power to be bold in witness, we don’t always accept and stay within ourselves.   When You remind us of the words of our Lord, too often we close our ears and our hearts.  May Your fire burn anew within us, so that we shine with Your glory.