May 16, 2021

Above It All

Passage: Psalm 47, Luke 24:44-53
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Today we remember that after 40 days with the disciples, the risen Lord ascended into heaven.  This is symbolic of His new status and authority.  While on earth Jesus was limited, now the resurrected Lord has resumed His place by God’s side.  The Psalmist reminds us of the authority and power of God’s reign from on high.  Jesus too has the authority and power to forgive us, to exercise authority over the physical and spiritual realms, even beyond what He did on earth.


Holy Lord Jesus, You have called us Your friends, and You lived on earth as a servant, bringing healing and love, but also being willing to die for us.  We sometimes forget that You are also our Lord.  We forget the power and authority You wield from the heavenly throne.  We take for granted that You love us, and forget that we are to live in obedience to You.  Forgive us, and help us always to remember that You are so much more than we can conceive.