July 23, 2023

A Work in Progress

Passage: Genesis 28:10-19, Matthew 13:24-43
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Jesus compares the Kingdom of God to seeds.  A farmer plants his field with good seed, but an enemy adds weed seeds (weeds that look very much like wheat when young).  Instead of pulling up the whole field the farmer waits until harvest time when the weeds can easily be separated, and burns the bad plants.  Jesus  explains that we won’t know the composition of the Kingdom until the judgment.  In Genesis  Jacob (whose name means deceiver) has a dream in which God tells him God has chosen him to become the father of nations.  A trickster is being reformed by God.

We don’t know who will enter God’s Kingdom, until God is finished reforming us.


God, our righteous judge, we often feel we have the right to judge others.  We forget that You are the judge, and we are Your servants.  We hold others in contempt for their appearance or lifestyle, instead of loving them as You love them.  We see only the bad in others while You see the good they may do for You.  We forget that You have forgiven our sins, and are constantly remaking us into Your image.  Forgive us, and help us resume our rightful station as Your servants.