October 18, 2020

A Question of Relationship

Passage: Exodus 33:12-23, Matthew 22:15-22
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In a somewhat confusing passage, just after Moses has been described as the one person who can talk to God face to face,  Moses asks to see God face to face, and is told that he will die if he does see God’s face in its full glory, and is allowed to see God only after God has already passed by.   This passage seems to me to be saying, we can develop a personal relationship with God, though we can never fully understand who God is.  Jesus avoids the trap of an either or question by saying yes:  We have one relationship with the government and another with God, and we need to keep our priorities straight.


Holy God, the wonder of Your majesty is indeed beyond our comprehension, so sometimes we try to avoid You.  We don’t want to feel ourselves diminished.  Yet in becoming human in Jesus You show us that we can have a wonderful relationship with You.  But now that we have a human model, we tend to take You for granted.  We tend to think we can know all about You.  Forgive us, and enable us to live out our relationship with You, while still recognizing Your transcendent Glory.