December 24, 2022

A New Thing

Passage: Isaiah 9:2-7, Psalm 96, Luke 2:1-20
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Christ came into the world in the midst of poverty.  It was announced not to the powerful but to working shepherds.  Isaiah spoke of God bringing light to a people in darkness.  He added that a child would be born who was God and would rule God’s people.  The psalmist says we need new songs to praise the God who is doing wonderful things to save God’s people.

God came to us in a way no one expected, and God continues to reach out in new ways.


Gracious God you delight in doing things in unexpected ways.  But we prefer to live with the way things have always been done.  We become comfortable with the status quo.  We look back to Your coming among us, and we are so used to the story we don’t realize how revolutionary it was.  You broke into the world as it usually works, and God became human to bring salvation.  Help us to be open to You when You break into our world with something new.