January 3, 2021

A Light to the Nations

Passage: Ephesians 3:1-12, Matthew 2:1-12
Service Type:

We remember the magi (gentile adherents of Persian religions) coming to see the Christ, as far as we know the first gentiles to do so.   From the beginning, though his primary mission was to the Jews in Judah and Galilee, there were hints of what Paul took on as his mission:  to bring the message of salvation to all people,  Today we too are called to this task.  We also remember as we begin the year, that we are in covenant with God, and are called to serve him without reservation.

Confession:  prayer from the communion ritual


Commit yourselves to Christ as His servants.  Give yourselves to Him, that you might belong to Him.  Christ has many services to be done.  Some are more easy and honorable,  others are more difficult and disgraceful.  Some are suitable to our inclinations and interests,  others are contrary to both.  In some, we may please Christ and please ourselves.  But then there are other works where we cannot please Christ except by denying ourselves.