July 24, 2022

A Focus on Prayer

Passage: Psalm 85, Luke 11:1-13
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The Psalmist praises God for having forgiven us, but remembers that we continually need to ask again for forgiveness.  Jesus offers the Lord’s prayer as a model for what we should pray.  He then goes on to note that God wants to give us what we need, and we shouldn’t be afraid to ask.  He promises that God will respond any time we seek the divine presence.  He promises that God will provide what is needed, but will also always answer, even if it is, No.

Prayer is a renewal of relationship with God, who is always ready to hear and respond.


Triune God, whose nature is relationship, we sometimes forget that You want a close relationship with us.  We think we are too busy to pray, when all You want is to connect with us.  We forget that relationship needs time together and needs dialogue.  We offer our petitions and our praise, but don’t always listen to Your answers.  Then we complain that we don’t hear from You.  Forgive us, and teach us anew what it means to pray.