May 22, 2022

A Dwelling Place for God

Passage: Acts 16:9-15, John 14:23-29
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Jesus tells His disciples He and the Father will make their home in believers, helping them to keep Jesus commandments.  He promises counsel and peace that will come even after his death to help His disciples.  In Acts we see this in action as Paul and those with Him keep having doors shut on courses of action they decide on.  Once they hear what God has in mind and act on it, they see immediate growth of the Kingdom of God.

If we are open to the Holy Spirit, God will guide and strengthen us, and give us peace.


God of all grace, we forget that we have become Your dwelling place.  We forget that we are part of Your body, and we turn to sin easily.  We don’t listen to Your Spirit within us, so we lose our way.  We don’t obey Your commandment of Love.  Forgive us, and renew our awareness of You day by day.