A Matter of the Heart

Jan 07 2013

Verse of the Day: Hebrews 11:40 “God had planned something better for us that only together with us would they be made perfect.” (NIV)

Wildest Dream

The other day while talking with my wife I happened to ask her  “Hon would you have ever thought in your wildest dreams that I would be writing daily devotions to send out to friends and family while sitting in a log cabin home in Lake City Colorado?” “She hesitated for a minute before giving one of those looks of disbelief and with a straight face said “Honey I don’t recall you ever being in my wildest dreams.” I love you dear and yes the couch is pretty comfortable, but could I have a blanket this time. Ha Ha! Only kidding! You’re the Best!

Well today I want to share a little more about the devotion I wrote during my “Heart” series entitled “Making Time to Dream”. And how God opened and closed the right doors during Jo’s and my search for a log cabin home and how He has given us one of the desires of our heart. 

As I stated the other day as long as I can remember back Jo and I have dreamed of one day owning a log cabin home in the Rocky Mountains of SW Colorado. Our search started many years ago with countless trips throughout different parts of SW Colorado and Northern New Mexico. And over the last several years we started looking more earnestly at a lot of different properties with several different real estate agents. And while we came very close to making offers on several places at times we continued to wait on the Lord to open and close the right doors in which He wanted us to walk through.

On September 21, 2012 one month after attending a “Warriors at Heart” conference at Camp Red Cloud I took Jo to Lake City to meet another real estate agent to look for a possible piece of land. After spending all day with Dan Murphy our agent and looking at many different and amazing properties he took us to one last property on 4 Alpine Vista Court, which happened to be a log cabin home on two acres. Before we even got out of his vehicle our breath was taken away by the view across the canyon. And as we walked through the home we were in complete awe of its beauty and the view it offered of the mountains from the huge picture windows which face to the NW. We couldn't help but fall in love with everything we saw. That is with the exception of the asking price which we felt was way out of our price range.

As we drove home that day our hearts were full of excitement and awe of everything we had seen that day. But at the same time we felt as if we had seen the dream and desire of our heart, but there was no way we could afford it. So, throughout the next few weeks Jo and I continued to pray daily that if this was the home God had in mind for us He would open the right doors and provide a way for us to afford this home. And God started doing exactly that as we got a call back from Dan and the owner dropped the price of the home 15% without us even considering to make an offer. But we still felt like it was out of our price range and continued to wait on the Lord to see what else He might do. And this is where today’s verse and promise from God truly had something better in store for us. So, tomorrow I will share the rest of the story and how God had much more in store for us and a better plan than we could ever imagine.

Jan 04 2013

Verse of the Day: 2 Corinthians 3 : 16-18 But whenever anyone turns to the Lord, the Veil is taken away......And we, who with unveiled faces all reflect the Lord's glory, are being transformed into his likeness with ever-increasing glory.... ."(NIV)

 Full Moon over SONShine Mountain

As Jo and I drove to Lake City last week we could see a full moon coming up in the east. And the later and darker it got and the higher the moon rose in the sky the brighter it got. With the white snow on the ground reflecting the moon's light it was almost as if it was daylight outside by the time we got to the cabin. And as I woke the next morning the moon was still shining brightly and I could see "Sonshine" Mountain across the canyon. As a matter of fact the moon was almost sitting on the peak before finally disappeared behind it as the morning progressed.

As I looked upon God's beautiful and amazing creation once again I couldn't help but notice the moon and how useful and bright it shined while in full view of the sun. And just like today's scripture the moon had to unveil itself from the earth's shadow and face the sun before it could become useful. Even though I could not see the sun, the moon reflected the sun light back to the snow white covered ground to make the darkness disappear as if it was almost day time.

Well I feel the same is true for our lives. When we allow God to wash away our sins, purify our hearts and wash us as white as snow. Isaiah 1:18 "....they shall be as white as snow....". And we are facing and in full view of the "SON" we are much more useful and fruitful for God. Just like the moon is the most useful when in full view and facing the sun, especially with snow white covered ground, so can our lives shine brighter for God and others when we reflect the image of Christ in our lives.

So, where are you reflecting God's glory today? Are you in full view of the SON? Is God calling you to reflect His image to someone today? Take a few minutes and think about your relationship with the Lord. Are you like a new moon just getting started, a full moon shining brightly for God or someplace in between? Maybe you know someone who cannot see the SON today and needs your reflecting light from the SON to help light their path. Or maybe you are the one that needs the veil removed from your face. Whatever the case might be, God is waiting for you and wanting to shine His "Son Shine" on you. Won't you turn and face Him today and allow His glory to shine on and through you as He transforms you into the likeness of Christ. Don't wait as you never know how many more opportunities there will be for another full moon before the Lord returns.